Theft, Fraud & Possession of Stolen Property

  • The Irish proverb "It is better to know the judge than to know the law" could not be more true than in the following case;

  • For the following case, Justice4you is presenting evidence for the readers that should determine as to whether or not the Canadian Government, the Royal Canadian Mountain Police ("RCMP") the court and its court officers and the Banks are ultimately responsible for theft of property occuring by way of bankruptcy fraud.

  • Justice4you has unveiled a scam that is allowing the justice system in Canada, including the Supreme Court of Canada, the Government, the Land Title Offices and the Banks to benefit from family in distress.

    There are numerous people involved in the scam perpertarted on a 77 year old man. Starting with the primary accused:

  • The wife of the victim, who obtained the most powerful injunctions available under the bankruptcy law: THE AUTOMATIC STAY.

  • The trustee in Bankruptcy Kenneth A. Rowan, who assisted the wife to get into bankruptcy and to lie on her Statement of Affairs.

  • The lawyer of the wife, R. Keith Oliver, who advised her to cheat the system in order to obtain the property for himself and other lawyers who assisted the wife's lawyer to complete the crime.

    The case you are about to read is not based on fiction but rather it is based on a true story, which happens more often than we know.

    The readers of this site will have to determine based on the following facts, as to whether or not a crime was committed.

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