Judicial Accountability

It is for the People that accountability must be enforced Jail4judges

Whether judges are appointed or elected it is their performance on the bench and their accountability for improper activities that is crucial.

While there is great debate as to how judges are put on the bench, the public's dissatisfaction with the so-called independence of the judiciary and with the inadequacy of the judicial disciplinary machinery is disregarded by the Bench and Bar.

We say that our system of government is a democracy. Yet we have a judiciary with absolute power over our courts, unparalleled in history. This power is founded on judicial independence, judicial immunity and control over the Bar.

Our system of government is based on separation of powers and does not allow such concentration of power in the judicial branch.

The judiciary in Canada asserts immense power over the lives of individuals and the conduct of businesses. They have rendered themselves totally unaccountable to the public or to any other branch of government.

The judges and lawyers maintain their stronghold on the legal system on the myth that they are the guardians of the peoples' rights & freedoms and that the lawyers champion these rights in a court of law that is just and fair.

However, the legal profession has become big business, where justice is not the objective but, to keep the clock running for billable hours for maximum profit.

Although judges and lawyers hypothetically take an oath to uphold the laws, in many cases that oath might as well have been taken on the cook book, to brew up litigation to use the legal system for an assembly line conversion of the victim's assets into fees, or to confiscate it outright.

Many judges acting in conjunction with attorneys, abuse the judicial independence given to them in trust and confidence of the people.

The myth is dispelled when we are confronted by judges who disregard the rules; allow the distortion of facts sometimes to the point of perjury; exclude evidence; rely on laws which have no relevance to the legal and factual issues; issue decisions which fabricate facts and are contrary to the record; deliberately omit critical facts from the record; fail to follow the controlling law and precedent; or issue decisions without any stated facts or law; and approve unreasonable and unconscionable fees for attorneys.

It is not unusual that property and money are taken from the victims without the required due process and the victims are left with nothing or a token of what they had or were entitled to.

In Criminal matters', most of the Judges sitting on the bench were once Government lawyers working for the Attorney General's office, thus the kindship with the Crown prosecutors is evident to any reasonable person.

In Canada, child molesters, pedophiles, fraudsters, etc... are not given high sentences for their crime committed on children, and on people, it's if the bench and Bar find such conduct acceptable in society.

Without the passing of jail4judges in the United States, there is no Justice4you. This is to say that the fields are ripe for harvest, but the labourers are few...

Justice is a conscience, not a personal conscience but conscience of the whole of the humanity.
Those who clearly recognize the voice of their own conscience usually recognize also the voice of Justice.
Alexander Solzhenitsyn