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Most people are unaware of the sophisticated and subtle mechanisms of tyranny that are in place throughout our society.

These mechanisms have been a big part of our daily routine for so long, that we hardly notice the tyranny we are subject to. Those who notice and speak out are labeled "conspiracy theory nuts or wackos" to discourage such scrutiny.

The best documented and most glaring example of a tyranny mechanism is the Federal Reserve, which gave control of the United States money supply, and government, to an elite group of foreign bankers representing the New World Order which George H W Bush referred to many times during his Presidency. In 1996, an incredible video documentary about international banking aired on PBS to reveal this truth with conclusive historical evidence. Since then, The Money Masters has been made available free of charge for mass distribution via the Internet.

Click on the links below and listen attentively to the biggest scam perpertrated on people:


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    Also J4Y would encourage readers to also click on Aaron Russo's latest documentary regarding the US Federal Income Tax:

    "America: From Freedom to Fascism."

    "America: From Freedom to Fascism Video."

    Be mindful while watching the video "America: From Freedom to fascism", that Canada also cannot produce any laws to show the legitimacy of filing income tax, and while those charged for failing to file in the USA are tried before a jury, in Canada, those charged are tried before a judge alone, thus Canadian Judges partake in a fraud by enforcing a law that does not exist on paper.

    Justice is a conscience, not a personal conscience but conscience of the whole of the humanity.
    Those who clearly recognize the voice of their own conscience usually recognize also the voice of Justice.
    Alexander Solzhenitsyn